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Formed in 2014, since then we have been serving over 200,000 customers. Cofeology is an ideology encapsulating the love for quality food and specialty coffee as well as how thes elements tie people and experiences together. The act of eating is a pleasurable and emotional experience which we endeavour to celebrate and deliver to our customers.

We try to shape Cofeology on this philosophy and like an onion, we try to build it up layer by layer. We are specialised in helping our patrons to build relationships between people, quality food and specialty coffee. We work collectively as a group. We talk, we share ideas and these ideas tend to spin by themselves and we end up creating something fascinating.

The Cofeology Philosophy
Beyond nourishing hungry and thirsty diners, it is a lifestyle. Our motto of building relationships through food and specialty coffee is our main inspiration and drives our passion to bring people closer together over meals and coffee prepared passionately by our professional crafters.

The Cofeology Experience
The Cofeology is a collective of eclectic food and beverage concepts that aim to bring the latest and greatest to the local market here in Malaysia.

The Cofeology Appreciation
Our passion for food and coffee is evident in the thought and consideration we put into what we do. There is a deep human connection derived from feeding and nourishing another soul with quality food and specialty coffee. We strive to preserve and strengthen that relationship through these elements!

The Cofeology Values
When it comes to food and people, no idea is deemed too crazy or impossible for Cofeology. All it takes is an idea and compatible people to help push it forward and turn it into something amazing. With this ethos in mind, Cofeology is nurturing and adopting Cofeology Values.
– To build a relationship with our customers through food and coffee.
– To build brand loyalty with our customers.
– To respect our peers, community and the planet.
– To pay absolute attention to detail, always delivering our best.
– To be creative and innovative, creating fresh, exciting experiences for all our customers.

Business Founder

Abdul Azim Ahmad is the founder of Cofeology Cafe and Restaurant, a famous upscale restaurant located in heart of Bukit Beruang, Melaka that has helped to put a smile on every customer’s face, one cup at a time.

On the surface, he is an extremely accomplished young entrepreneur who has a span of 6 years’ experience in multiple disciplinary businesses including trade, stock and property investment, and risk management consultancy. He considered himself as a “portfolio surgeon” who takes unhealthy portfolio and makes an endurance athlete out of it.

However, his love affair with food and specialty coffee began so much earlier in his life that he decided to pursue his passion in food and beverages industry. His love affair with food and cooking has set himself as the Group CEO of Ar Raz Group, up for a successful rendezvous with the gourmet and dining business.

His ingenuous tagline Building relationships through food and coffee has been the cornerstone for his gourmet business; to whip up the appetite of his customers in a cosy and warm ambience. Azim’s passion for the gourmet explains why he also doubles up as the chief eating officer for the Ar Razi Group. He is probably the one and only in the country to hold that enviable position at such an early age.

Being up close and personal with him, it is not difficult to understand how successful entrepreneurs must be emboldened by their zest and enthusiasm to achieve unique feats no matter the degree of challenges. As the saying goes: Willpower can move mountains if it is accompanied by determination and the right effort. Azim made good of his passion and childhood dream to own a stable of renowned restaurants. It is not surprising that food is a subject that he finds most intriguing and never fails to perk him up.

At home, Azim enjoys cooking with his mother for the family. He loves when all his small nieces help to prepare the ingredients together and sit around the kitchen island waiting to sample first-hand. At work, he strives to excel through simplicity, by presenting his guests with dishes of exceptional quality. His style is described as innovative and classical. Using French culinary principles as a foundation and adding the endless supply of regional ingredients, he creates dishes that are simple yet elegant letting the essence of the star ingredients shine through. He works to deconstruct recipes, reinventing them with the products presenting the freshness and most intense flavours.

Unique Selling Point

Cofeology is multi-award winning establishment, specialising in Specialty Coffee from seven top producing farms around the globe including Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Toraja, Colombia, and Costa Rica. We are an independent coffee boutique, specialising in roasting and purveying specialty coffee in Malaysia. Our philosophy is simple; we are relentless in trying to bring out the best in the beans with our unique brewing and roasting techniques. Our roasters practise micro production methods, allowing us to be meticulous. We believe every coffee has its story so we always aim to source our beans with transparency and traceability. The profile of our coffees is tweaked and cupped to do justice to the beans and to the farmer. Every member of our crew is certified professional barista by Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. This is to ensure that every customer is advised by a professional in finding their perfect cup of coffee.

Cofeology’s halal modern menu boasts a mixture of updated Asian and Western cuisines, pastas, and a variety of rustic cakes and desserts accompanied by unique and comfortable ambiance that entices people to visit with their families, friends and colleagues, sharing quality food and precious moments; building dinning rituals.

Besides, there are chat cards and board games which are placed near the dinning room where diners can ask each other random questions and have a blissful time together. In some area of the cafe, text books, story books and magazines which are donated by generous visitors and local university student, are readily accessible for the diners.


Acoustic night: Every Friday or Sunday from 7:00pm until late, Cofeology hosts a rotation of extremely talented local acoustic musicians playing to a chilled-out crowd, busking-style without much frills- we even take music requests. The pop up Venice Beach’s performance make for a very relaxed, organic vibe.

Group diners: We are specialized providing advice and consultation for wide variety of custom events and special occasions such as romantic dinner, birthday celebration, bridal shower party, graduation party, surprise party, farewell party, group party, corporate events, and even talent shows, forums and open talks.

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